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This may be the unsexy side of data, but without effective troubleshooting, your insights are meaningless. To trust your data you need to know you’re tracking it correctly.

Our troubleshooting workshops can help
  • Set up effective tracking for your new social impact business
  • Identify and rectify issues within current tracking set up
  • Confirm what data is actually been captured and showing up on your reports
  • Revitalise outdated and ineffective tracking setups
  • Improve communication and data visibility across teams

Prices starting from £500 for a half-day workshop and report or £1,000 for new set up.
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Your precious funding should be going towards helping those in need, not being wasted on ineffective marketing campaigns. We can help you make sure your money is being spent in the right places.

Our ROI services can help ensure
  • Budget is being spent in the most impactful way
  • Spend impact is accurately attributed to each campaign
  • Campaign costs are being tracked accurately
  • Non-google campaign costs are imported into Google Analytics
  • Campaigns are consistently optimise based on the insights

One-off ROI reports start from £1,500.
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customer profiling

Understanding how people interact with your brand is the key to creating effective marketing strategies. When you’re a charity, it will allow you to connect with those who want to help you make positive social change.

Our Customer Profiling service can help you understand
  • What encourages donors to give regularly
  • Personas of ideal volunteers or donors
  • What content leads to conversions
  • What makes donors or volunteers stop helping you

Prices starting from £2,750 for an insight piece.
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Sector Research

We believe we’re stronger when we put on a united front – and data is more powerful when it comes from multiple sources. We collate trusted information from across your sector and turn in to data-rich white papers, impossible to ignore.

Our research services can help you
  • Lobby government for changes to the law
  • Petition for extra cross-sector funding
  • Challenge an existing government report
  • Illustrate the power of working together

White paper research starts from £3,000.
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Once you know your data is working for you, you want your team to feel confident in taking it from here. Our fun and impactful training sessions will empower your team and ensure your data is in good hands.

We train teams on many topics including
  • Analytics troubleshooting
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Actionable Insights

Prices starting from £750 for a full-day training workshop.
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