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Case Study

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Case Study

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK’s leading cervical cancer charities dedicated to raising awareness, offering support and providing trustworthy information around cervical cancer. 

Founded in 1999, in memory of Jo Maxwell, who died from the disease, the organisation has grown significantly over the years and has navigated many technological advancements. They have a vast network of supporters and numerous events throughout the year, so are an incredibly busy team! 

They needed some help reviewing and setting up measurement plans for their website – and we were more than happy to help!

The Brief

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust wanted to make sure they were measuring their website performance in the optimal way. With so much interaction with potential supporters happening via the internet, they knew it was essential to ensure that their website was always running smoothly – and to be able to spot areas that could be improved quickly and efficiently.  

They first needed a full review of how they were currently measuring their website performance. After that they wanted to create a new measurement plan, ensuring everything they were tracking was documented against their objectives. This plan would then feed into a new Data Studio dashboard.

Our  Approach

Firstly we conducted a comprehensive review of the current Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up. This helped us identify how close to best practise they were and whether they were meeting the needs of the data.

Once this report was complete we went through the findings together and agreed on the best next steps. 

This led to us providing a detailed Tag Manager tracking plan for the developers to implement across the site. When the new tracking was in place, everything was set up in Tag Manager and tested. We worked closely with the developers to iron out any kinks and get everything firing as desired.

Phase 3 was to pull everything together into a user-friendly dashboard in Data Studio. The aim here was to  have all of the relevant data in one place for the different teams in an easy to understand format – which would both aid decision making and save time – two critical factors for busy charities.

The Results

The new Data Studio report has definitely made monthly reporting more efficient. Team members across different areas of the business are now able to easily access and understand website data related to their areas of work.

The new conversions and events set-up as part of the project have provided meaningful insights to help the team interpret data and trends, which means they can now make fast decisive decisions based on the data they can see. 

“Borago helped us make sense of our data, and the new website report has been invaluable” says the Senior Digital Officer “ We also now have improved knowledge of our analytics set-up so feel confident in managing Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts moving forward.” 

Do you need some help getting to grips with your data or getting a handle on your analytics? 

We would love to help you like we helped Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.